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Welcome to Happy Plumbing, where you will find qualified, fully licensed and insured plumbers. We offer a broad range of plumbing repairs, installation, and services in general. Finding a professional that is well qualified, and offers rates that are competitive and relevant to the specific service needed, is one of the most important concerns we encounter with our customers.

So you can rest assured, with many years of working in the plumbing industry, our approach and interaction with our customers are built on the foundation of integrity and trust.

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Water Heater Services

We work with every type of water heater. Gas, electric, tankless and more

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Water Treatment System

We help you find the right water filtration system for your home. With whole house CX Carbon Water Filtration Filter being our most popular

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Drain Cleaning & Repairs

Our drain cleaning and repair services range from minor unclogging of bathtubs, to slab leak repairs and hydrogetting

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Faucet & Leak Repairs

We provide easy, fast and affordable leak detection, faucet repairs and installation of every type

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We are a team of licensed plumbers who love what we do! Our commitment to excellence in the performance of every service and customer satisfaction has set us apart in the industry.

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General Questions

There many reasons why a drain can get clogged. In most cases, people are not careful what they put in them, such as big chunks of food in the kitchen sink. In other drains, such as bathtub, there are a few factors that contribute to clogging. The oil residue from soaps, shampoos, and hair. To avoid clogging is best to treat and maintain your drain with drain cleaning liquids.

Drippy faucets have a relatively simple solution. This is a potential an indicator that the interior mechanisms of the faucet are in need of replacement of needs to be rebuilt. This is usually an inexpensive repair.

This can be really annoying and a huge waste of water, that does affect your water bill. If the water is running into the bawl after you’ve finished flushing, it is usually an indicator that may be parts of the toilet mechanism that is out of order. If the problem is simple, simply adjusting the flush valve should bring it back to normal. If that doesn’t work, you may have to replace the entire mechanism, which is often an inexpensive fix.

The initial cost of a tankless water heater is slightly higher than most standard models. However, tankless water heaters are a huge money saving solution in the long run. The U.S Department of Energy estimates a tankless water heater to save on average $108 per year in energy cost, in comparison to standard tanks at $44 per year.

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